Democracy Heroes GOTV social media contest

Call for Submissions - 2018

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This contest is for you if you...

  1. Like to make and share stuff on social media (gifs, memes, or video)

  2. Want to help get other college students to the polls this November.

  3. Want a chance to win $500 cash and another $500+ toward paid distribution of your media!

Sound like you or someone you know? read on....

You’ve heard the stats. In 2014 (the last midterms), just 14% of 18-22 yr olds voted. This year, only one in every four 18-22 year olds say that they’re going to vote in this November’s election. But we must have a say; we must make ourselves heard; we must hold people in charge accountable. We must vote.

That’s why we’re asking YOU to help get YOUR FRIENDS to the polls this November by creating content that speaks to what you care about and why it’s important to register and vote in 2018. Up for the challenge?

To enter the Democracy Heroes social media contest:

  1. Read the Submission Guidelines and Content Guide below.

  2. Review the official rules and start thinking about content ideas - keep it non-partisan!

  3. Make registration/GOTV content (memes, gifs, videos 5 - 30 seconds) for voters under 25. Find friends and make stuff with them! Share this Call for Submissions with your friends.

  4. Post your content to your favorite social channels and tag us! - @thepeoplevotes, @andrewgoodmanF #DemocracyHeroes2018

  5. (Maybe) win $500 and have an election night party!

Submission Guidelines

Audience: Young voters aged 18 - 24 with a particular focus on college campuses in NY’s first congressional district .

Goals: For this Democracy Heroes pilot, we are looking to inspire 18-24 year olds to 1) want to vote and 2) take steps to register and get to the polls.

Include either a General or a Specific Call to Action: GENERAL EXAMPLES: e.g. Vote November 6th. SPECIFIC EXAMPLES: e.g. Go to & make a plan to vote Nov 6, 2018. e.g. Sign up to get voting info and reminders from The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s text buddy, Viola Voter. Text “NY01” to 555-888.

Meet Viola Voter (stage right), NY01’s own vote reminder and info text buddy. Feel free to use her in your submissions!

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Content Specs: All social media platforms and formats accepted, including gifs, memes, slideshows, stories, and short videos (5-30 seconds).

Requirements: Just two! 1. Keep your message non-partisan - don’t say who to vote for or how to vote. Don’t take a stand on any issue that always falls along partisan lines. 2. When posting, include a Call to Action (see above) and the submission tags (below).

How to Submit: Tag @thepeoplevotes and @andrewgoodmanF and #DemocracyHeroes2018

Timeline: We are accepting submissions through November 6th, 2018. Democracy Hero awards will be awarded on a rolling basis.

How Do I Win?

  1. A jury of student ambassadors, and people from The Andrew Goodman Foundation and The People Votes will search via the tags above and select up to four pieces of content to win Democracy Hero awards on a rolling basis. (Organic interaction with submitted content - views, likes, shares, comments - will be considered)

  2. Democracy Heroes will be contacted via direct message.

  3. Democracy Heroes will be awarded $500 plus our commitment to put $500+ behind promoting the awarded content in NY’s first Congressional district.

NOTE: The People Votes may also select Democracy Heroes to receive additional production support and resources, if desired, including funding and professional guidance from Emmy and Academy Award winners, and veterans of eBay, Goldman Sachs, MTV Networks, Sapient, and Atlantic Media.

Content Guide:

  1. If you’re focusing on issues, create content about issues that are important to you. Here are some suggestions to get your started:

    • Planned Parenthood/ #MeToo

    • Legalizing marijuana

    • Paying back student loans / cost of education

    • Offshore drilling and environmental protection

    • Gun safety

  2. Other themes that work:

    • Voting is participation in an empowered youth movement.

    • Voting is the best way to take charge of your independence and self determination.

    • Your friends are doing it.

  3. Make media that you and your friends would want to watch and share on the platforms you like to use.

  4. How-tos, Tutorials, and Hacks are the most popular types of videos watched by Gen Z and Millennials.



If young voters don’t make a decision on issues critical to them, then others who may not have their interests at heart will. However, voting can be a youth movement, and a movement with the power to decide how our country’s future unfolds.

If you do not like how things are being done in our government, voting is the best way to change that.

Example: A video showing young people stating the issues that they will vote on and the group or individual that would decide the issue in the absence of their vote. “I’m voting so that gun safety isn’t an issue decided by the NRA.”

Inspiration from our friends at Headcount.

If you have questions please reach out to us at:

Remember to review Official Contest Rules here.