We are an educational initiative aimed at mobilizing Americans to vote by making and distributing digital media that helps potential voters understand how:

1) national and state laws impact local lives,

2) their elected representatives vote on the issues,

3) to get to the polls or vote absentee.

Our work is non-partisan. Our goal is to increase civic engagement generally, and voting in particular, by engaging potential voters in key issues that can be changed at the ballot box. We also address the challenges faced in the quest to vote, including logistics, local voting requirements, and advance planning.

about the people 

The People is a coalition of creatives and techies that develop and create cutting-edge content in defense of democracy that is primarily distributed through social-media targeting and ongoing experimentation/influencer marketing innovation. Founders of The People include Emmy and Academy Award winners, and veterans of eBay, Goldman Sachs, MTV Networks, Sapient, and Atlantic Media. The People pursues its own initiatives and provides content and distribution services to partners that align with our mission.